FarmVille Podcast Highlights - April 16th, 2010

The new FarmVille podcast arrives, and Community Manager Lexilicious unleashed a boatload of juicy tidbits. Watch the full video or read on for the -- The Blog! highlights from this week's podcast... including some interesting news on caring for your puppies once they've matured into full-fledged dogs.

New Peanut Crop

The new peanut crop in FarmVille is a 16 hour crop, yields 78 coins, and can be purchased for 20 coins. It can be mastered (which is great news), and level 1 is at 275 crops harvested, level 2 is at 825 crops, and level 3 is at 1650 peanut crops. Still, there is no mention of the peanut's rumored sponsor.

Email Notifications

Lexilicious has given us the details about the new email notifications. When your crops are ready to harvest, FarmVille can now send you an email notification. To enable this, go to your email preferences page at either or click on "email preferences" below the application on Facebook. Check the box next to "crops ready to harvest". You will now receive an email every time your crops are ready. This could either be a very handy reminder or quite the annoyance, but we'll have to give it a try to decide for ourselves!

Real Life FarmVille

For anyone lucky enough to live in or around Milpitas, CA, Zynga are holding a "FarmVille Live" event at the Great Mall this Saturday (April 17th) from noon until 4:00pm PST. There will be a live farm building event complete with cameras and swag. Check it out!

Co-Op Farming Limit

One of the user asked questions was what the limit is on the maximum amount of people allowed to work on a co-op job. The answer is 10 total farmers, 9 neighbors and yourself.

Hungry Puppy Feeding

Another player asked if puppies will continue to require feeding after the first 14 days is up, to which Lexilicious cleverly avoids the answer. She states that there is "cool stuff in store" for adult dogs, and that they will no longer need to be fed kibble as puppies. This could easily be an interestingly worded sentence with the end result being adult dogs that need to be fed less often but still requiring kibble. We should be finding the answer out to this in the near future.

Upcoming Features

Lexilicious has stated that there will be more co-op jobs coming to FarmVille soon, a new co-op message board and other social mission improvements. There will also be Limited Edition Earth Day items, which will feature items that are related to each continent. Also, White Grapes and Purple Poppies will be coming back to FarmVille.

Do you think there was anything new, surprising, or exciting in this week's FarmVille podcast? Let us know in the comments!
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