YoVille Enchanted Swords, Shields & Costumes Arrive

yoville enchanted costumes
yoville enchanted costumes

The enchanted month continues in YoVille. You can now dress like a member of the royal YoVillian family with the latest enchanted costumes that arrived to the Clothing Boutique today. Get your prince costume available in a variety of colors and in coins with a matching prince hat for 8 YoCash. Then, defend your kingdom with the sword and shield you have been waiting for.

If you want to be the next YoVille damsel, head to the store and get your royal dress and and hat. You can also be YoVille's fighting princess as swords and shields were also added for the ladies. All body costumes are for coins while all hats, accessories and hand held items are for YoCash.

Enjoy a full list of prices and pictures after the link and then join our new items discussion here.