5 Career Professions That Involve Working with Children

Working with children is one of the most rewarding jobs one can have. Teachers, social workers, or day care employees will tell you that despite the stressful moments, being able to make a difference in a child's life is an invaluable experience.

When working with children, a lot of training and education is required in order to keep the child's best interest in mind. While each profession calls for different training, one can expect extensive background checks and a longer hiring process than other professions. Once you are certified, there are many job opportunities that let you work with children.

1. Teacher

The most obvious of the jobs involving children, there are many different kinds of teaching jobs and all range in the amount of training involved. Private and public schools have different criteria when it comes to teachers, but a Masters in Education is typically required. Teachers can work anywhere from a special education classroom to high school science lab.

2. Social Work

From counseling to child protection services, social workers are hands on with children in need in the community. Higher education is needed to get a foot in the door, but social workers can apply their skills in numerous venues, from schools to government agencies. Even better, social workers can see firsthand how they're making a difference.

3. Child Care

If you want to work with children, but are unsure if you can go through the training needed to be a teacher, working at a child care facility could suit you best. Child care workers are with children all day long, especially when they need care while parents are at work. This job will allow you to work with children of all ages and with different needs.

4. Pediatrician

Requiring the most formal education, a pediatrician works for about 10 years before getting the chance to open up a practice to help children. Working as a pediatrician is one of the most rewarding jobs since many families will depend on you for your expert care and guidance. If working as a doctor is not the route for you, there is a high demand for nurses in the health care field as well.

5. Community Workers

Whether working at a youth center or as a coach for a local sports league, community workers have a big impact on children. If you're creative and have a lot of energy, this is the perfect profession for you. In addition to caring for children, you'll be working hard to keep them interested in your program. Schools, churches and community centers are the best places to look when you want to work with kids in your local area.

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