How Mommyhood Can Make You Money -- Part 2

working momsWhile pregnant with her first set of twins and on bed rest for five months, Jennifer Levinson would read all types of magazines, watch informative television and research different things on the web, then email the info to a few friends (8-10) about what she found. She thought it was fun and found that sharing what she knew/learned with others really helped everybody. Strictly by word of mouth, the Jens List email/networking group has now grown to almost 13,000-plus families around the L.A. area.

"For about three and a half years, I did not make any money running Jen's List. I did it as a true labor of love, from my heart and giving back, knowing that the info being disseminated was making a difference was an awesome feeling. However, once the membership grew into the 6,000-plus range, the influx of emails became overwhelming," says Jen. "I decided that I would have one top sponsor for the newsletter every day. For a fee, that person's information would headline Jen's List -- everything else below it would be free. I was not sure in the beginning how others would take to it; however from the start, I have been booked two to three months in advance for that first position in the newsletter."

So how can other moms create a successful business like Jen's List? Today, Jen shares her Top 5 tips on ways that other moms can make money from mommyhood:

  1. When thinking about creating a job working from home, you have to be wary of "get rich quick " schemes. There are legitimate programs out there, but you want to make sure you research every avenue in which you are investing, and speak with others that are already involved.

  2. Remember that working from home can be lonely, so being a part of networking groups and business-related activities helps from feeling isolated. Connecting with other women in the same boat as you, can not only be rewarding but also make sure that you are not alone.

  3. With children around, unless you can multitask well, having a stay-at-home job may not be the right fit for you. You will find yourself being pulled in many different directions; you must decide what is most important at that moment to accomplish, then move on.

  4. It is super important to get involved in a field that interests you. If it's kids you like, open a daycare. If spending time out and about suits your personality, offer to be an assistant for someone who needs errands run. Whatever it is, unless you are enjoying what you do, you are not going to want to do the job for very long.

  5. Be creative and utilize your strengths. Don't get discouraged if what you try doesn't work out right away. Just because you think it's a great idea, does not mean others will. Don't give up. As this quote says: "Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all." -- Dale Carnegie

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