Wild Ones decks out pets with new accessories

Wild Ones' highly anticipated massive content update has slowly begun to roll out. After getting a sneak peak at one of the new weapons earlier this week, Wild Ones has updated the store with new accessories. The best part? The developers listened to fans and made all the new items available for coins!

Everything being worn by that gnarly pet panda warrior (pictured right), can be bought with earned coins rather than costly Treats or Facebook Credits. Just head to the store and you'll find the items in the accessories section. The highlighted items are as follows:

- Sneakers (300 Coins)
- Hat (99 Coins)
- Blades (300 Coins)
- Leather Jacket ( 3,000 Coins)

wild ones pooky manilla
wild ones pooky manilla

This accessory update comes as a relief to fans. Players are tired of seeing the same old pets in every fight. With the additional customization options, people can dress up their pets, creating unique warriors.

Our own pet fighter, Pooky Manilla, has already pounced on some of the sweet new items. Pictured to the right, is our faithful hero with his new fearsome blades! Awesome.

Head over to Wild Ones to check it out for yourself. And again, we're expecting lots more in the weeks to come, so be sure to stay tuned.