University Park, Dallas Home -- Suburb in the City for $1.5M

3611 Caruth Blvd., University Park, TexasLiving in a metropolitan city like Dallas, Texas, certainly has its advantages. There are all kinds of restaurants to try, sporting events and arts performances to attend, and enough people-watching to keep entertained.

But what I like about this $1.5-million house at 3611 Caruth Blvd. in the city of University Park, Texas, is that it's in a suburb of Dallas without being far from town.
University Park and nearby Highland Park form the Park Cities, an enclave of Dallas. You get all of the big-city attractions while still having the small-town feel of University Park, a municipality of 23,324 residents. And its citizens are allowed the cachet of using "Dallas" as their city designation.

Plus, University Park is home to Southern Methodist University, with its college atmosphere.

This single-family home has five bedrooms and four bathrooms in 4,172 square feet, providing plenty of room to stretch. The bedrooms are upstairs and the downstairs living room is big enough for a large family gathering. The garage has room for a home office or living quarters.

Similar homes in the neighborhood sell for $1,411,000.

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