Treasure Isle finds homes for abandoned animals

treasure isle dolphins
treasure isle panthers
treasure isle sloth

As Treasure Isle continues to grow in popularity, Zynga are implementing all our favorite Facebook game features into the new title. Some time after the release of the game, lost animals started showing up around the archipelago of Treasure Isle. The

treasure isle margay
treasure isle margay

feature works similarly to the lost animals of FarmVille and the lost toys of PetVille.

In addition to lonely seals, new adoptable animals have begun appearing around the islands. Sloths, margays, dolphins, and panthers are among the animals looking for new homes. In case you were curious, the image to the right is a photograph of myself, posing with my margay, Montgomery.

While searching for treasure or simply just hanging out in Treasure Isle, you may come across one of these animals. Make sure to post it on your wall so that someone can give the animal a home. You can't adopt an animal you find yourself, so the only way to get these is by staying vigilant on Facebook, looking for animals found by your friends.