Tiki Resort: New Wild Ones-themed zoo


Tiki Resort has released a new Salvaje Zoo for players, featuring the Monkey and Dog from Wild Ones! This new zoo is available only for the Baja Island at a cost of 29 Facebook credits.

It seems like Playdom has released quite a lot of items that must be bought with Facebook Credits lately, including the new limited time Tax Day Charm. In addition, almost all items lately have been for the Baja Island, which requires players to spend real life money or be level 20. This means that most players do not actually have this second island, and quite a few people are getting irritated with Tiki Resort. It seems as if Tiki Farm developers are trying hard to encourage everyone to obtain a second island by releasing these neat new items that are unattainable unless you have the Baja Island.

Do you have a Baja Island, and if so, are you buying the Salvaje Zoo?

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