Stylish Energy Monitors Save Money (and Look Good!)

The Home devices that keep track of your energy consumption have gone from archaic-looking to mod and sleek, as spotted in Springwise. Not only do the creative concepts look cool, but these products -- some starting around $50-- which are not only conceptually creative but they might even shave some dollars off your monthly utility bill.

To see how much energy is sucked up by your alarm clock, computer and hair dryer, or how much water is swirling down your drain while you are waiting for the shower to warm, check out these eco-cool products.

The "Wattson"

Cleverly named the "Wattson," this roughly $200 product has an ambient lighting system where colors reveal the amount of electricity being consumed in your household. To get the raw numbers, it hooks up to your computer via free downloadable software.

The Glo-Stick Power Cord

Instead of disguising the power cord behind a piece of furniture, the "Power Aware" cord aims to be seen. It lights up in blue when turned on and intensifies with glowing bursts of light as usage escalates.

The Personal Ghost, Tio

If you or your kids have a knack for forgetting to flip the switch then you might want to think about Tio. It's your own personal "ghost" that turns from green-to-red and cranky when you leave the lights on too long. It also connects to computer program to keep a record of your performance. Since everyone likes a friendly ghost, you won't want to offend your spectral wall friend.

Shortening "Shower Time"

It's so easy to let your mind wander as the minutes race by in an steamy shower. Efergy's "Shower Time" comes equipped with a timer that rings once you've used up a predetermined maximum amount and it's tie to think about toweling off.

Temperature Sensitive Shower Heads

Evolve's shower heads come in a variety of spout patterns, like tulip, tree frog or lady bug, but they all use the same water monitoring technology. Until water temperature heats up, the shower heads only dispense a trickle of water. For about $40-50 for an easy-installable device, the company predicts you can save up to $75 per month on the expense of wasted hot water.

Super-Saver Energy Hub

The EnergyHub is a mindful device that automatically adjusts the home's temperature even when you are asleep or away and advertises that it can save consumers up to 30 percent on heat and air conditioning bills. The wireless network retrieves consumption data from your appliances and electronics, and organizes it for you in a digestible format, which you can access via touchscreen. While this product is not available to consumers yet, you can get on the waiting list.

With minimalist, unobstructive designs, mood lighting, and ultramodern touch screens, who knew saving money and the environment could be so en vogue?

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