Shred, Baby, Shred. And for Free!

You've filed your taxes, now shred the evidence--for FREE!

Yes, you should keep tax-related documents locked away for a few years in case the IRS comes calling with questions, but for those keeping multiple drafts of their tax forms and any other sensitive paper documents, the Better Business Bureau is here to help. This Saturday, April 17, the BBB is offering free document shredding at 55 locations across the U.S. in honor of Secure Your ID Day, the BBB-hosted event promoting identity theft prevention. (After all, identity theft costs businesses money, as well as individuals).
Last year, the BBB helped U.S. consumers and small business owners shred 1.3 million pounds of confidential documents during two "Secure Your ID" days, and this year, it hopes to do the same.

"We all lead busy lives and fighting identity theft doesn't always make it onto our list of priorities even though it is extremely important," said Stephen A. Cox, president and CEO of the Council of Better Business Bureaus. "That's why BBB is making it easy this spring to get rid of outdated tax documents and other personal information while learning how to protect yourself and your family from ID thieves throughout the rest of the year."

Here's to a safe -- and clutter free -- spring!
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