Woman Finds Python in Hotel Toilet

Bill Garrett, flickr

A woman staying at a Hampton Inn & Suites in La Vista, Nebraska, found a slithery surprise coiled in her toilet: a 3-foot ball python.

Omaha news station KETV reported the woman spotted the snake in her bathroom Thursday morning before sitting down. With help from the Nebraska Humane Society, she captured the unwelcome guest in a pillowcase.

The woman is likely the victim of a practical joke. Pythons are not typically found in Nebraska, meaning this one is probably a pet. Furthermore, pythons are warm weather reptiles that do not like water, especially cold water, making it unrealistic that the snake slithered through hotel pipes.

"They're not really supposed to be in the water, not to mention the water is probably cold, so it probably put him into shock. So he probably wasn't moving around a whole lot," said Sarah Riederer, a caregiver at the Nebraska Humane Society.

Riederer said the Nebraska Humane Society will wait five days for the owner of the 3-year-old snake to come forward before putting the snake up for adoption.

A spokesperson from Hampton Inn & Suites told KETV the company is investigating where the snake came from. The hotel has a strict no pet policy.
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