Money Diet, Week 15: Insult doesn't add to injury

Apparently, my weight problem is a little more noticeable than I realized.

So it's last Sunday, and I'm at a restaurant with my two daughters (6 and 8-years old), my parents, my 85-year-old grandmother, two uncles and two aunts, when this friend of the family saunters up to our table, cracking jokes and shaking hands. I don't know him him, but he's best friends with one of my uncle's at the table, and I've heard his name many times.

My uncle introduces his friend to some of us around the table, and when the friend makes the connection that I'm the son of my uncle's sister, he looks at me and says, "I haven't seen you since you were their age," gesturing to my daughters. Then he glances at my parents, pivots back to me and adds, "But it looks like they've been feeding you well."

Really? And so it goes, in week 15 of "The Money Diet."