Friday freebies: high-tech toothpick, fizzy bath tablets and more!

Friday freebiesBizarre! This week's freebies include a high-tech plastic toothpick, a gourmet brownie, and fizzy bath tablets for kids. If that puts you out of your comfort zone, I also found a deal for free fries, granola, a reusable bag, and Pantene hair care products. Hope these get your weekend off to a fantastic start!

Bath time just got a lot more fun. Get a free sample of 25 Fizzy Wizzies, which are effervescent tablets that turn your kid's bath water red, yellow, or blue as they fizz apart in the water. You can also mix the tablets to turn bath water purple, orange, or green. The free sample will be enough to color 5 to 8 baths. More details here.

Hate flossing but love clean teeth? FLiX Sticks claim to clean teeth without the hassle of unwinding a foot of dental floss and poking it between your teeth. Think of a FLiX Stick as a high-tech toothpick. It's made of flexible rubber, has an ergonomic handle, and tapers at the end to fit in between your teeth. Get your free sample here.

I just received my free sample of Lever 200 soap from Costco when I got an e-mail saying Sam's Club is doing a similar giveaway. With Sam's Club, however, you have to be a member to get the sample. If you belong to Sam's Club, fill out this form for your free soap. You'll have to share your name, membership number, address, e-mail, birth date, and answer three quick questions about Lever 2000 soap. You must be 18 or older to receive the free sample. One per household.

Get a free taste of Jack's new fries at Jack in the Box on Friday, April 16. Consider it a post-tax pick me up. The freebie is an order of small fries but there is no purchase necessary. One per person. More details here.

Get a free sample of Pantene hair care products. If the page takes awhile to come up or doesn't load, check back later. A lot of people are trying to get the freebie.

Get a free sample of Galaxy Granola, which claims to have 70% less fat than other granolas, when you enter its giveaway. Every few days it chooses 1,000 entries to win a sample, and your entry doesn't get the boot until you win. So one of these days ... you will win. If you don't win immediately, it will send you a coupon in the meantime.

Get a free reusable bag made from recyclable plastic bottles at Target on April 18, the first day of Earth Week. You have to make a purchase, but if you coupon-stack, you may be able to get your purchase and bag for free. Target is giving away 1.5 million of the bags, so there will be a lot on hand at every store. However, if you really want this free bag, I would arrive within an hour or two of opening. This freebie is not available online.
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