Free downloads from Linkin Park's singer, Radiohead's drummer and Alice Cooper


1. Chester Bennington: "Let Down" demo
The lead singer of Linkin Park (pictured) channels a softer side on his own, as demonstrated in this short-but-sweet work in progress demo. Fans of the group may find it reminiscent of the ballads on 2007's "Minutes To Midnight," but should brace themselves for the quieter, almost therapeutic direction, especially when compared to the rap/rock hybrid for which he first found fame.

2. Phil Selway: "Live 07 04 2010" tracks
The name might not jump off the page, but considering he's the drummer for Radiohead, curiosity for this title is likely to be instantly piqued. Though this isn't his official solo debut (that's coming later this year), "Live 07 04 2010" is an eleven-track concert introduction (minus the clapping), accompanied by multi-instrumentalist Lisa Germano. Gear up for a soft-spoken, almost hushed unplugged experience mirroring fellow experimental heroes Grandaddy.