FarmVille Farm "Too Full" Notice Begs for Storage System Upgrade

Farmville too full notice
Farmville too full notice

Some of the most frequent FarmVille requests by farmers are for more Expansion and more Storage.

Contributing to this urgent request is that Zynga releases FarmVille updates weekly. FarmVille's weekly updates usually offer a slew of brand new exclusive items as well as seasonal collections. Despite expansions, those of us farmers that have been playing for almost one year now are quickly running out of room on their farms. Although a storage system was introduced months ago, many farmers do not find it adequate or economical for storing all of their FarmVille decorations and seasonal supplies. The problem being that storage costs farm cash or coins and neighbor help and each storage building is limited to a certain capacity. Also, some items such animals, trees, Christmas Holiday Tree, Valentine Mail Box and Spring Basket cannot be stored.

Adding to the frustration of the current Storage system, is a new FarmVille pop-up notice appearing for some farmers with over-crowded farms. See image below.