FarmVille: Baby White Tigers prowl into in-game market

farmville baby white tiger appears in market
Here's a little-known fact -- one of the most popular items in all of Zynga games are white tigers*. Apparently, none of us can resist the great white cats that are all at once slightly dangerous, slightly exotic and slightly Vegas-style cheesy.

So it only makes sense that Baby White Tigers have made an appearance in the FarmVille Market, but only for a limited time. For the next 18 days, you'll be able to give one of these cool cats a new home on your farm. The BWT costs 22 FV Cash (roughly $5) and can be harvested in 2 days. You can also sell these for 110 coins, but it's hard to imagine why anyone would do that. Is it really possible to have too many baby white tigers? We don't think so.

farmville baby white tiger ramsfan44

Check out what the Baby White Tiger looks like on the farm, image courtesy of Ramsfan44.

*Source: FarmVille GM Bill Mooney

What do you think is cuter -- the regular Baby Tiger or the Baby White Tiger?
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