Chicago Real Estate News: Giant Raccoons, Vacancies and Vandalism

Wrigleyville Bar Owner Slapped with Foreclosure Suit
Wrigleyville Bar Owner Slapped with Foreclosure Suit

What, giant raccoons "as big as orangutans and bolder than ever before" invading foreclosed Chicago homes?! Since last week, this isn't the only problem that the city has brewing. Strip mall vacancies have hit a 30-year high, state unemployment ticks upward, and Illinois foreclosures are up over 17 percent in the first quarter. Blago's home gets vandalized and oh, Cubs fans, grab your beers while they're cold -- the owner of a bar overlooking Wrigley Field has been slapped with a foreclosure suit. At least we learned Evanston has a chance to be the first town in the nation to build an offshore wind farm.

Here's what happened this week in Chicago real estate news: