Bargain Huntress: 4 Places to Shop Your Tax Refund

Phew. Tax Day madness is behind us, and now that you've appeased the IRS let's direct your attention to how you're going to spend your whale of a refund. Sure, you can be a responsible adult and pay off your credit card debt or your next month's rent in advance, but that is so stereotypical! (And heartbreaking too.)

You can either give away your only compensation for watching money disappear from your paycheck last year, or you can spend it on yourself! Call Bargain Huntress the devil on your shoulder, but this markdown maven thinks you should put your money where your couch is.

And here are four furniture stores that will help you get big bang for your buck....

  • The IRS reported a 10 percent increase in tax refunds through March, so use the extra funds in your bank account on stylish contemporary furniture from Fashion4Home. The German-based furniture retailer recently launched its U.S. online-only furniture store and features beautiful pieces at 50-70 percent off retail prices. Consumers will be pleased to know that their opinions influence the creative direction of the designers and inventory of the store, as the site urges shoppers to comment and vote on prospective designs. And, social media addicts, there are perks for you too! Fashion4Home currently gives away discount codes through Twitter. Interested customers should follow @Fashion4Home and tweet "Send me a discount code @Fashion4Home #design #furniture #deals." Let Bargain Huntress know the depths of the additional discounts!

  • There's still time to make your mark in the world without leaving a carbon footprint. Browse Bargain Huntress' environmentally conscious retailers and support Earth Day. If home décor doesn't normally strike your fancy, check out Carolina Girl Furniture--a North Carolina-based online store that sells eco-friendly, reasonably priced furniture. Use your tax rebate there to purchase limited edition pieces made of soy-based foam; fiber from recycled green plastic; hardwood frames; and 100-percent cotton and linen. All furniture is sold directly to online consumers and purchasers have the choice of changing their minds upon delivery---which, is free, by the way, to residents of the Eastern United States. Co-founders Pam Hughes and Kim Luther are also big on giving back to the community -- a portion of your proceeds will be donated to Flying Horse Farms, a camp for children with serious medical conditions that's scheduled to open this fall. And those planning on treating their dogs to a new bed should know that a portion of profits from sales of the Hippie Dog Bed goes to Carolina Girl's local Humane Society.

  • Bring Tinseltown to your living room via FormerFurniture, an online marketplace for celebrity-owned goods. These aren't your typical hand-me-downs: The used designer furniture is as good as new--and comes with a Bargain Huntress-approved price tag. Sisters and co-founders Lindsey Miller and Courtney Mack won't tell you which notable A-listers owned the home accessories featured on their site, but the pieces are definitely worth it. The prices are unbelievable! A 20th-century Italian painted-wood cherub mirror valued at $8,000 is currently up for bid at $750, and the never-used, funky, tufted wing bed (made for a top Hollywood designer, according to the site) is discounted to $4,200 from $12,000.

  • New York-based online home shop, Brocade Home, will leave you in awe from its romantic and sleek furniture collection. And although their prices may be steep for some, your tax refund should cover a few pieces on sale. The Bargain Huntress has been eyeing the shaped storage (at right, in coffee), marked down to $699 from $899, for about two weeks now and will soon have the funds to give it a home. Thanks, Uncle Sam!

Check out other stylish Bargain Huntress finds here.

Have a favorite home décor or furniture website? Let us know and Bargain Huntress will prowl for sales, coupons and exclusive discounts to offer you the best deals possible!
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