10 sneaky daily expenses to nickel and dime you to the annual poorhouse

ten sneaky expenses that nickel and dime you
ten sneaky expenses that nickel and dime you

The phrase "nickeled and dimed to death" is an apt description for how many of us, even if we budget for the big expenses, can end up with a flat wallet, thanks to the many smaller, unplanned-for expenses. These "sneaky" expenses are also areas where, with a little attention, we can carve out some money each month to put away for a rainy day.

Here are 10 examples of sneaky expenses.

1. Tipping
There's a tip jar at my local Chipotle's, at every coffee shop I visit, even at the freakin' gas station cum convenience store. The expectation of a tip has not only spread far beyond those who provide significant personal service, it has also crept up in price. A recent New York Post story found that those who live in New York City pay as much as $3,333.79 a year on tips.