YoVille puzzles: Everything you need to know

YoVIlle have released another fun addition today -- puzzles. You can complete three different puzzles with five pieces in each, and once you have collected the entire set, you will be rewarded with a free item. This is a brand new feature, and Games.com - The Blog! has all of the details for you!

How to collect YoVille puzzle pieces

There are several ways that you can obtain puzzle pieces in YoVille, and it depends which puzzle collection you are working on.

The Mystery Box Collection can only be completed by collecting pieces from opening Enchanted Mystery Boxes. The reward for this puzzle has not yet been discovered, but the hint is that it is a surprise rare item that only grows in Enchanted lands.

The Work Collection requires you to go to work in the factory, and click on any puzzle pieces that you might find while you are working there. This gift is supposedly a factory-themed item.

The Friend Visit Collection requires you to visit your friend's houses and doing an action with them. After you do this, there is a chance for a puzzle piece to show up in your friend's room. Click on the puzzle piece and it will be added to your collection!
The reward for this puzzle is unknown at the moment, but the YoVille developers have said it is a "special rare Enchanted creature who likes to fly." Perhaps a fairy, or dragonfly?

You can also collect puzzle pieces by clicking on your friend's wall posts!

Accessing your Puzzle Collections

To view your puzzle status and see how close you are to completing one of your collections, open up your Inventory and click on the collections tab. You can then page through the available puzzles and see how many puzzle pieces you have collected.

Trading and Gifting

The puzzle pieces themselves are not tradeable or giftable to friends, however the end rewards for completing a puzzle are! Once you receive your special prize, you are free to send it to friends as a gift or trade it to whomever you would like.

This puzzle game will be available on Facebook's version of YoVille, and may be coming to MySpace and Tagged as well. This could be the first set of many puzzles to come!

Have you completed your puzzles yet? What rewards did you receive?

[via YoVille Official Blog]
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