How Mommyhood Can Make You Money - Part 1


Before having kids, most of us spent years mapping out our lives and plotting for successful careers. But when things shifted from late night boardroom meetings to sippy cups and potty training, being a "Working Girl" became a distant memory.

But with the rise of "mommy bloggers," the trend has shifted and moms are now able to marry all aspects of their lives. They're finding ways to market, brand and profit from their mommyhood ... and they're doing it from home.

One mom who's turned new motherhood into a full-fledged business (and obsession for other new moms) is Los Angeles-based Jen Levinson. Five years ago, Jen started Jen's List -- a daily newsletter that shares parenting tips, must-haves, and leads for moms in Los Angeles. She started with just 10 friends. It now reaches 15,000 people daily. She answered a few questions about how she got her start: