Tiki Resort: New charm, wedding chapel and monkey


Tiki Resort has released more items for players who are lucky enough to have unlocked the additional Baja Island.

The Pet Monkey is available in the pet tab of the Shop for 30,000 shells, and gives out 150 shells each time it is tended to. This adorable pet monkey is the first animal for the Baja Island and would be a cute addition to anyone's island!

The Wedding Chapel is available for 39 Facebook Credits ($3.90) and is a limited time item with under 4000 left for purchase. This wedding chapel will make all tourists around it fall in love by putting hearts over their head when collecting from it.

The final addition is a new Flower Charm gift available to send to friends. This Flower Charm will make beautiful flowers bloom all over your island when it is activated. To activate it, place it in your volcano like all other charms. This is a unique charm that will only be available for a limited time.

Have you bought any of these items? What do you think of them?