Tiki Farm releases a pair of boobies -- no joke!

Tiki Farm Boobies
Tiki Farm Boobies

Tiki Farm has been releasing new items and features at a rapid pace, and here is yet another one to excite players. A pair of adoptable Blue-Footed Boobies have a random chance to appear on your island. Similar to other wandering and lost animals, you don't actually get to keep these Boobies for yourself. You have to post this pair of birds to your wall so that your Facebook friends can claim them and rescue them.

Now, the joke didn't slide past us here at Games.com - The Blog!. Typically, these animals wander along one at a time. We don't think it's a coincidence that a "pair of boobies" happen to be showing up together! It's nice to see these games injecting some humor into the gameplay to make things more fun and lighthearted. These birds are also really unique and neat looking with their bright blue feet.

What do you think? A funny joke, or a crude reference?

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