SPP! Ranch offers huge Spring Cottage set

SPP! Ranch Spring Cottage Theme
SPP! Ranch Spring Cottage Theme

SPP! Ranch, a game that allows players to create their own ranch and decorate it however they wish, has released a whole massive set of new "Spring Cottage" themed decorations and buildings. These buildings are generic enough to fit in to just about any ranch, but have a special whimsical flair of their very own that allow them to stand apart.

The full list of items is as follows:

Giant Ranch Cottage - 15,000 coins
Panda Potted Flowers - 500 coins
Flower Parterre - 250 coins
Spinning Rainbow Pinwheel - 12 gold
Spinning Pink Pinwheel - 12 gold
Spinning Yellow Pinwheel - 12 gold
Blue Gazebo - 600 coins
Green Rabbit Gazebo - 750 coins
Pink Rabbit Gazebo - 750 coins
Rabbit Gazebo - 750 coins
Purple Lithodora Urn - 150 coins
Chick-a-dee in a Pot - 25 gold
Wooden Swing - 400 coins
Rose White Swing - 450 coins
Small Blue Mushroom - 50 coins
Small Green Mushroom - 50 coins
Small Purple Mushroom - 50 coins
Stone with Grass - 75 coins
Stump with Green Shoot - 125 coins
Wooden Lawn Corner - 50 coins
Wooden Lawn Edge - 50 coins
Blue Idling Tractor - 35 gold (comes with Pinto Horse)
Green Idling Tractor - 35 gold (comes with Giant Panda)
Pink Idling Tractor - 35 gold (comes with Pink Pig)
Red idling Tractor - 35 gold (comes with White Sheep)
Yellow Idling Tractor - 35 gold (comes with Brown Rabbit)
Thatched Double Cottage - 5000 coins

Like all other SPP! Ranch items, these items have a limited quantity available, and when they have all been purchased these items will be gone forever. Some of the gold items only have 30-40 currently available. Log in now to check out these new items.