Sorority Life: New faux fur collection

Playdom's hit game Sorority Life has released a new collection for all players to try to attain. The new "Faux Fur" set is similar to the "Flirty Shorts" set that was available some time ago.

While playing Sorority Life and participating in various game activities, players will be randomly granted these fur clothing items to post to their wall for friends to claim. If you find one, share it to your wall for your friends. You can also request these items on your Keepsakes page. Here is the list of required clothing pieces:

Thick Grey Belt
Faux Fur Vest
Black and Blue Jeans

Once you have collected all three of these pieces, you will unlock the entire Faux Fur Outfit. There is only 20 days left to get this slick looking outfit (after all, since it's spring you won't be needing fur much longer) so hurry up and log in to Sorority Life now.
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