Samsung Issues 3-D TV Warning for Pregnant Women, Kids and Others

3d glasses Before settling in an overstuffed couch with a bag of popcorn to watch 3-D TV, look around for the nearest phone. You may need to call 911.

Samsung (SSNLF) has issued a safety warning to pregnant women, the elderly, the sleep deprived and the intoxicated to avoid the 3-D functionality on its spiffy new 3-D TVs because of the potential for an epileptic seizure or stroke. Children and teens, a.k.a TV zombies, are especially at risk of experiencing one or more of Samsung's list of symptoms, from dizziness to nausea to convulsions, and on and on.

But before ditching the idea of buying a 3-D TV, the warning is targeted to people susceptible of photosensitive seizures or other health ailments. In fact, the gaming industry has known about this potential for years and has posted warning labels on its products, notesConsumer Reports.

And New York state Assemblyman Steve Englebright even has a bill out to require video-game rental and sales outlets to post warning signs that that alert people to the potential of video games to trigger epileptic seizures. That bill is before the consumer affairs and protection agency.

With Samsung putting its warning out there, it wouldn't be surprising to see other 3-D TV makers follow suit. Sony (SNE) and Panasonic (PC) are you watching?
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