Restaurant City: Level 10 Salmon Sashimi Earns a Surprise

Restaurant City Salmon SashimiRestaurant City announced a surprise in store for next week, one that it's sure fans will love, but it's only available to those who manage to raise their Salmon Sashimi recipe to Level 10. Hence, Salmon and Wasabi ingredients are being heavily traded and used right now, and you'll be hard-pressed to find more.

To get the Salmon Sashimi to Level 10 from scratch, one has to use 2 pieces of Salmon and 1 piece of Wasabi per level. This means 20 pieces of Salmon and 10 pieces of Wasabi! Now that's a lot of Salmon for one dish.

Playfish knows this, which is why they've also slashed prices in the ingredient Market for Salmon, Wasabi, and Seaweed, dropping the prices from 7 Playfish Cash to 5 PFC. That's right, these are being sold in the Cash Ingredients Market, which requires real money for purchases.

But if you want to go the free route, Salmon is also now being offered as a giftable item, so you can rally your restaurant neighbors to send each other more Salmon. As for the Wasabi, you can grow that yourself, but remember that garden plants grow randomly, so you never know what you'll get.
Restaurant City Cash Ingredients Store
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