Pet Society upsets fans by introducing new coin earning limit


Yesterday, Pet Society players discovered a new feature that wasn't in any of the announcements or release notes: a new limit to how many coins players can earn in a day. This new limit restricts players from earning over 25,000 coins in a day by popping up a rather unhelpful error message stating "Save Failed:1911". This has completely infuriated fans of the game who claim that the limitation is punishing dedicated players instead of the rampant hackers who have been causing trouble in Pet Society.

Moderators on the Pet Society official forum seem to be as surprised by this change as the players, stating they are "looking into it". Pet Society developers, Playfish, have not yet responded to this fiasco to calm the players and answer questions. Many Pet Society fans are boycotting the game or refusing to spend any more real life money on it, claiming that the experience is now cheapened. A poll thread has been started in the forums, and 82% of Pet Society players believe this was a stupid change that should be changed back. Hopefully an official response from the developers will come soon!

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