Party Girl: Tax Day Dinners

It's Tax Day, and whether you're singing the Star Spangled Banner or shouting "Get bent, TAX MAN!" you've still got to eat. Getting a refund? Getting screwed? Party Girl has you covered with dinner plans for a tasty feast regardless of your tax return (or lack thereof) situation.

Writing a Check
So you're on the losing end of Tax Day, getting ready to sign your John Hancock on a check to Uncle Sam. Take a few cues from the Cheap Healthy Good blog -- their simple and satisfying recipes will accommodate your shrinking bank account as well as your need for healthy comfort food. (You don't need to throw healthcare costs on top of your other financial woes!)

What's on the menu...

Turkey Burgers - ($0.95 per serving) No bird is more symbolic of the U.S.A. (aside from the bald eagle, which you won't find in your grocer's meat case), so enjoy slow-grilling America over an open flame.

Spicy Sweet Potato Fries
- ($0.49 per serving) The hot pepper will help you focus on your taste buds instead of your anger at the government.

Black Bean Brownies
- ($0.14 per serving) Stick it to the IRS bean-counters by "pureeing the crap out of" a can of black beans, then magically transforming them into fudgy brownies. The sheer weirdness factor should keep your mind off of your tax bill.

Waiting on a Check
If you're feeling like a fat cat today, celebrate with a decadent menu of exotic ingredients and over-the-top flavors. But don't overdo it on high-fat, high-cholesterol fare: they say the only two certainties in life are death and taxes, and you've already dodged one today.

Seafood Paella - With three types of seafood and an entire teaspoon of saffron -- commonly regarded as the world's most expensive spice -- you'll have no trouble denting your refund on this Spanish delicacy.

White Truffle Mac & Cheese - Consuming three ounces of white truffle butter, two types of exotic mushrooms and a pound and a half of high-quality cheese is just the way to flaunt your new-found riches.

Butter-Brick Brownies with Coffee and Salt - Forget the canned black beans and indulge in a pound of pricey Valrhona chocolate in these chewy "adult" brownies.

Whether you're in the mood to celebrate, or just need to take your mind off of things, see what else Party Girl has up her sleeve for your entertainment.
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