NanoTowns: New Spring Break buildings and gifts


NanoTowns, an up-and-coming city building game by Digital Chocolate, has released quite a large update today. There are 11 new Spring Break themed items, including carnival buildings such as the Circus Tent, Ferris Wheel, and Carousel. There are also several other buildings, such as a Juice Smoothie Bar, Ice Cream Shop, and several new types of zoos!

NanoTowns has also brought back gifting, something that had been missing for awhile. There are 15 gifts to send to friends, including another carnival item - the Spinning Cup Ride which can only be obtained from friends. A somewhat interesting choice of gift is the "poop" gift, and we can assume this is for comic relief!

In addition to the gifting and new items, all NanoTowns buildings have received an art facelift, which many players are complaining about. It does appear that these buildings now look much more similar to the popular game Social City, due to increased saturation and brighter colors. The change definitely makes a difference in the appearance of your NanoTown though, and it's up to you to decide if you enjoy the new look.

What do you think of this game's new look?

[via NanoTowns Official Forum]

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