Home TV's 'Home Rules': Game Over for Video Game Addict

HGTV's "Home Rules" lays on the tough love thick. The show's not only about renovating some lucky couple's home, it's also about fixing the family's problems before renovations begin. The theory: Before the house can be fixed, the family must be fixed. That's where host and life coach Fran Harris steps in. Before the contractors renovate the lucky family's home, they must earn it. That means working on their issues and showing signs of changing for the better before the walls are knocked out for a new floor plan.

Here's the twist, a look one month after renovations to see if both house and family have remained intact.

Episode 5: "Hidden Feelings Under One Roof"

So what happened on Tuesday night's episode of 'Home Rules' and how did life coach Fran Harris save the day?

We meet Corey and Jenn. They are a young couple who have space issues at home -- literally. Not only do they live in cramped quarters with two small children, but Jenn's parents live downstairs in the basement -- yes, three generations all under one roof. There's no privacy to be had. The couple's kids often sleep in their bed, and they feel like teenagers with their parents lurking around when it comes to sexy time. To top it all off, Corey is a video-game addict. In order to escape the family, he spends eight hours a day playing video games on his computer. Yikes!

Fran proclaims that everyone has to work hard to change the home or else it's game over. That's right, renovation can't begin unless lines of communication are open within the family. The family is brought together and they must describe each other in one word. Much crying follows. Sad Corey used video games to hide the pain, but he's positive that the family can open up their relationship.

Fran puts a challenge to Corey: He must give up playing video games for one week. Meanwhile, the designers must reconstruct the family house so everyone doesn't feel like they are right on top of each other--and the contractors have just five days to do it!

More challenges: Rainy weather makes terrible timing for ripping off the roof. The crew works around the clock to complete the job, while Corey's family works around the clock on their communication skills. Corey realizes that he and Jenn are now on the right path for a better marriage. The crew removes the walls that were separating family members in order to bring the family together.

When finished, Corey and Jenn notice a drastic change in their new home, with many exclamations of "Wow!"

One month later Fran comes back to visit the family. My gut instinct said that Corey would be back to being a video game addict. To my surprise he's a drastically different man who is more open to communication and spends more time playing with the kids. Thanks life coach Fran Harris!

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