Happy Pets leap into orbit with Laser Pointer Glitch


It was a typical afternoon in the world of Happy Pets. Boozie my cat, my dog Champs Elysees, and I were just hanging out in the back yard. Everything was going swell: Champs was just sitting around while Boozie and I were fooling around with the laser pointer (as seen above).

I noticed something was wrong when instead of just grabbing at the red dot, he jumped across the yard, paws outstretched like a Superman cat. I shrugged it off though and kept wiggling the laser pointer. Boozie proceeded to crouch down, set his gaze on the laser pointer far above his head, and launch towards it. Unfortunately, he missed and continued up out of the screen and probably up into space. He didn't come back down...

Update: Boozie landed safely and with quite an appetite at 5:41 this afternoon! Happy Pets must be putting some serious supplements in their patented pet food. Needless to say, we're glad to have him back.

I'm not sure exactly how this hilarious Happy Pets glitch works, but its not hard to do. Just head out to your yard with your cat, wiggle the laser pointer in front and above the head of your pet, and soon enough, they'll be joining Boozie in orbit above the Happy Pets planet.

Don't worry, they come back. If you get concerned, just refresh the page.