Geek Chic: Home Accessories for Gamers

Video gamers are often maligned as couch-bound slackers, capable of little more than maneuvering a joystick and opening the door for the pizza deliveryman.

Debatably true, but who's to say they're not slacking in style? A quick spin around the Internet will turn up loads of fashionable finds for the home that would keep any gamer happy.

Whether your tastes run to 1980's kitsch (Pac-Man), 1990's nostalgia (Tetris), or modern gaming (Mario Kart), our roundup has a little something for every gamer's style:

Geek Chic for the Home
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Geek Chic: Home Accessories for Gamers
Vinyl decal superpower Blik has a whole range of gaming-inspired stickies for you to choose from - but who could deny the King (of Gorillas)?!
These stylish shakers are still just a designer's prototype, but hopefully they'll be landing at a store near you sometime soon.
Cover your kitchen or bathroom in these game-inspired tiles. Was Tetris never your strong suit? Order the pre-assembled mosaic sheet.
You'll want to gobble up this sumptuous Italian seating inspired by the original video game superstar.
CarolinaPatchworks takes it back in true 8-bit, old-school style with a Galaga quilt. A look at their site will uncover other quilted gems including Legend of Zelda, Space Invaders, and Duck Hunt.
Create your own Mario Brothers landscape with these trippy little lanterns.
Stack and rearrange the 10-piece Tetra shelving system to your heart's content - the bottom row will never disappear.
Christmas just got a little geekier with these laser-cut plastic ornaments. The set of seven ornaments include versions of Wii, N64, Xbox 360, Dreamcast, NES, PS2 and Sega Genesis controllers.
A welcome mat for the Apple set. For all you non-Mac-ophiles, it's the keyboard shortcut for "open".
Wake up next to a mustachioed Italian man every morning with an official Nintendo Mario Kart clock radio. You wouldn't want to be late... to your living room.
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