FishVille: New underwater fantasy decorations arrive in store

Last week, Zynga polled FishVille players and asked them what kind of theme they would like to see next. Today, the winner has not only been announced, but a whole new set of items have been released. The survey winner was "Fanta-Sea", which means there is a whole slew of underwater magical fantasy items now available in the FishVille store. Here is a full list of the available items:

Sea Unicorn - 15 Sand Dollars, Limited Time (6 days)
Gold Fairy - 8 Sand Dollars
Flute Fairy - 12 Sand Dollars
Shoe House - 10 Sand Dollars
Happy Tree - 5 Sand Dollars

Woodpacker - 50,000 coins
White Rabbit - 75,000 coins
Reflecting Pool - 100,000 coins
Magic Bean Stalk - 150,000 coins

It is interesting that there are no fish available, but perhaps FishVille has more in store for us in the coming days. The loading screen for the new Fanta-Sea set shows several items that aren't yet in the store, including a pipe-smoking frog and more decorations.

Have you purchased any of the Fanta-Sea items? Which is your favorite, and what else do you hope we'll see released in this theme?
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