FishVille Easter Basket expires today (April 15)

Hey FishVille fans, Thursday April 15th is not just Tax Day -- It's also the day that the Easter Baskets will be removed from FishVille. That means there's precious little time to collect any additional eggs and redeem any eggs that you have received for the limited edition rewards.

The Easter basket in FishVille has been around for quite some time, so everyone but the procrastinators out there should already have collected and traded in their eggs. If you have eggs in your gift box or Easter basket, Zynga says that they will be replaced with something "magically delicious." A new fish food perhaps?

Many people are eager for the Easter holiday to end in FishVille to reduce the amount of Facebook wall spam for eggs. Others really have enjoyed this holiday and the nifty rewards for collecting eggs. All good (or bad) things must come to an end, so hurry up and log in to FishVille and take care of any last-minute Easter transactions.

Did you wait until the last minute to collect eggs? If you received compensation for your leftover eggs, what did you get?