FarmVille Lop-Eared Bunny Returns to Normal

farmville lop eared bunnyfarmville lop eared bunny
UPDATE: Your Lop-Eared Bunny will return to normal after deleting your Spring Basket.

All of you FarmVille Lop-Eared Bunny owners will be happy to know that your Lop-Eared Bunny finally returned to normal!

As mentioned on FarmVille Freak last month, around March 25th the Lop-Eared Bunny mysteriously and unannounced changed colors. It has now returned to its original light brown and cream color.

The Lop-Eared Bunny is a special limited edition animal that has since retired and is no longer available in the FarmVille Market. Since it was a farm cash only animal, many farmers were upset when its appearance was changed to a White color.

This article originally appeared on FarmVille Freak.
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