FarmVille Earth Day celebration: How green will FarmVille go?

farmville earth day 2010
farmville earth day 2010

At - The Blog! we like to predict the future of Facebook gaming, and this time -- upcoming holiday Earth Day appeared in our crystal balls.

That's right -- now that green is the new black -- we're betting that FarmVille will be all over the greenest holiday of the year. Earth Day. Earth Day has been celebrated annually since 1970 and will have its 40th anniversary on April 22. And what better place than FarmVille to promote environmental, nature-friendly related items.

We predict that -- in the next week or so -- FarmVille will roll out something along these lines -- Solar Panels, hybrid tractors, compost containers and more in honor of our planet.

What items do you think FarmVille will roll out in honor of Earth Day?

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