Entertainment coupon book for $15 + free shipping

Save on all the things you love to do!
Save on all the things you love to do!

Get the Entertainment coupon book for $15 shipped. This deal does not have an end date so there is no real rush aside from the fact that the sooner you get it the sooner you can start using the coupons.

Entertainment books are known for their buy-one, get-one-free coupons at fast food chains, fast casual restaurants, and more upscale eateries. If you dine alone, almost all the coupons offer 50% off your meal. The coupons expire Nov. 1, 2010 unless otherwise noted. Click on the image at right to get the deal.

Entertainment books also have coupons for movie tickets, car detailing, attractions and groceries. (When I bought the Entertainment Book years ago it came with $5 off coupons for Ralphs.) Generally, you have to use the coupon book 2-3 times to make your money back.

The coupon books are city-specific and the deals vary so it's a good idea to browse the coupons in your local book online. At the top of the page that comes up, enter your zip code or city and click "Preview." Then scan the coupons by category or see an A-Z listing.

Buying an Entertainment book supports WalletPop.

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