Decorate Your Apartment, Avoid Havoc

House of Havoc decorating apartments
House of Havoc decorating apartments

Being a renter should never stop you from decorating your place like it's the palace you deserve to live in. The key is to keep your decorating plans on a budget and make sure most everything is portable, says author, columnist and serial home remodeler Marni Jameson.

Following the success of her first dwelling ditty "The House Always Wins" comes the self-deprecating and biting "House of Havoc: How to Make--and Keep--a Beautiful Home Despite Cheap Spouses, Messy Kids, and Other Difficult Roommates," a decorating guide that schools us humorously on how to keep our home looking neat and chic vs. cheap and cluttered.

RentedSpaces' Shira Levine chatted with Jameson about how to live well in your temporary space.

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