Cafe World: Aliens Return With New Set Items

Aliens return to Cafe World
Aliens return to Cafe World

After a 3-4 months long absence, aliens have invaded Cafe World again, bringing new recipes and decorations for your restaurant. Some old favorites that were previously discontinued have also returned, such as the "Void Porthole" window, and the "Green Egg Chair". Along with tons of new items -- we counted 28 just in the Decor section alone! -- such as "Space Hamster" and "Alien DJ Dude".

Most of the Decor section items are also animated, which is always a special treat to see. Unfortunately, they can only be bought with Cafe Cash. Luckily, Cafe World has been giving out Cafe Cash left and right (Wedding Cake Glitch, Windows 7 offer, Daily Cooking Bonus, etc.) and if you've been paying attention, you should have enough saved up to spend on at least one new awesome item.

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