Atlus bringing gaming properties to social networks


Here at -- The Blog!, we don't know Japanese. But we do know who we trust, and we trust Japan-o-phile game site Siliconera when they say the above image confirms Atlus will be bringing some of its gaming properties to social networks by the end of August 2010.

The image, which comes from an interim report recently issued by Atlus parent company Index Holdings, shows "the funnel which yields high quality casual games for social network services and portal sites" according to Siliconera. Atlus' "know-how ... quality and confidence" are also swept into the funnel, along with various Atlus intellectual properties, according to the Siliconera translation. We'll have to take their word for it, since the only thing we understand in the whole image is the logos and the little "SNS" in the bottom right corner.

No word on what form these social games will take or whether they'll even appear in America, although the picture of a child in a school uniform playing on a mobile phone seems to imply the initial focus will be on Japan's social market. That's not going to stop us from praying for Demon's Souls-ville.