Are you a Pet Society petling hoarder?

pet society petling hoarder
We've all heard of the Crazy Cat Lady with dozens of cats running around her house. Pet hoarding is a fairly common condition that makes for bizarre news stories. One of the worst cases involves a woman in D.C. who had 488 cats. (!) Sadly, many of them were dead and rotting in Rubbermaid containers. (!!!)

Thankfully, Pet Society poses a limit on the number of animals you can keep. As Tabitha, a petling lover has found, you can't have more than 10. She sends in the images below of her pet Nala and her brood. I asked her why she has so many petlings, and she replied it was mostly due to curiosity about how each petling would turn out. "Initially, I just wanted to find a petling that looked like my pet," she says.
pet society petling hoarder
Petlings can be expensive, and Tabitha says she spends more than 2500 coins a week to feed all her little ones. As you can see, none of them are begging for food, and they look happy in their spacious home. Blanche (#2) and Misty (#4) are her favorites, but she will probably get rid of the pink petlings (#7, #8) because she does not like pink animals. Tabitha is not a pet hoarder in real life. She has only two birds.

How about you? How many petlings do you have? Do you take good care of them?

This article originally appeared on Pet Society Anonymous.
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