Treasure Isle, Hotel City continue explosive growth

We already knew Zynga's latest game, Treasure Isle, was an instant hit, gaining over seven million initial users in just ten days. Now we're finding that the game is retaining those users rather well, with over 4.3 million players currently playing the game every day. That's an amazing 2.7 million new daily users (a 165% jump) from just seven days ago, according to the data-crunchers over at Inside Social Games.

But "The Isle" isn't the only new game attracting a lot of new daily players. Playfish's Hotel City is already playing host to over 2.6 million daily players, a week-over-week increase of 55%. Any other week, that kind of growth would be cause for raucous celebration. With Treasure Isle around, though, it's just enough to get a No. 2 spot.

Also making a notable jump in this week's average user metrics: Family Feud, which posted a very healthy 71% growth in daily users for the week. While the game still has less than half a million total daily users, that number could explode very quickly if that kind of growth rate continues into the future.