Tiki Resort: New horse ranch available to multi-island owners


Tiki Resort has released a brand new horse ranch today for all you lucky players who have been wanting a new large building. This horse ranch includes the stable building and a large fenced pasture. It is unlocked at level 8 and is available for 33 Facebook Credits (which is $3.30). This Rancho Vaquero has three upgrade stages and is quite massive when finished.

The unfortunate news is that the Rancho Vaquero is only available for players who have unlocked their second island. Unlocking the Baja Island requires you to do one of the following: pay 50,000 coins (requires at least 4 Tiki Resort neighbors), pay 7 Facebook Credits, or wait until it is unlocked for free at level 20.

Have you purchased the new horse ranch in Tiki Resort? What do you think?

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