PetVille Pet-sonalities: Everything you need to know

petville petsonalities go live
petville petsonalities go live

PetVille has released an exciting update today -- pet-sonalities! You can now select a personality for your adorable pet, and make it even more lifelike. There are three personalities to choose from - Outgoing, Creative, or Troublemaker. Once you choose a personality, your pet can level up its personality by eating special personality treats. These treats can be purchased for 3 Pet Cash each, or can be received from friends as gifts.

As your pet levels up, it begins to unlock special animations that reflect its own unique personality. You will also receive special gifts as your pet's personality levels up, and a different title for each level. At personality level 5, pets will get a special interactive object.

Below is a complete list of titles and prizes:


  1. Day Dreamer - unlocks a artist hat and a "make pawtery" animation

  2. Original - unlocks a basket of yarn and a fold origami animation

  3. Innovative - unlocks glasses and a "doll it up" animation

  4. Artist Extraordinaire - unlocks paint palette and blow balloon animation

  5. Visionary - unlocks art easel and "carve wonder" animation

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