Nintendo DS game Beat City translated into Facebook app

Nintendo DS game Beat City on Facebook

While the video game world can't decide what to make of Facebook -- must less gaming on Facebook -- we have to give game makers THQ a nod for trying to use the social networking service to promote upcoming game, Beat City.

This music game for the Nintendo DS is somewhat reminiscent of Rhythm Heaven, where players have to partake in some quirky activity in time to the music to earn points. The Beat City Facebook app offers just a taste of what this game will be like -- with a quick tutorial and a single level of the game.

This Facebook app/demo offers a peek at what's in store for Beat City -- right down to what it will be like to play the game on a DS using a stylus -- but this game commits a few social gaming faux pas. The demo version of the game is way too exacting and outside of the fact that this lives on Facebook, there's no real social components outside of asking friends to sign up and -- the main draw for this app -- a weekly chance to win a DSi XL handheld gaming system.

It's interesting to see companies like EA and THQ attempt to use gaming apps to market console games to the Facebook population, even if the concepts haven't been fully formed. This also makes us all the more intrigued to see how big console gaming franchises like Madden and Civilization will translate when they arrive on Facebook later this year.

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