New FarmVille rap pays homage to virtual farming


Somehow, it's always surprising to learn just how much people love FarmVille. Like, really love it. This week, we witness one of the first recorded FarmVille tattoos in history and now -- courtesy of FarmVille Freak and SheriGrace -- a FarmVille rap, which is, frankly, pretty darn good. Throw in some beats and auto-tune, and we're pretty sure SheriGrace would have the the next big social gaming meme on her hands.

MY Farmville RAP

"Every night when it's time to chill, I get online to play Farmville!
Plant my seeds and send my gifts, and always glad to get the ARBORISTS!
Can someone send me one brick Please? I need to level up, so I love the XP's!

I got so much ready on my lands, so I get some help CLICK on FARMHANDS!
I found some fuel while plowing my crops, and a pocket watch this fun never STOPS!

I got all my ducks lined up in a row, my rice at 99 percent so I watch that stuff GROW.
Harvest all my fruits and all my potato's, need 3 more friends to co-op some tomatoes.

Please fertilize my crops and help me get that COOP, never thought XP's would come from POOP!
I am collecting eggs and claiming your PRIZES and taking those bonuses as my score RISES!

I have 55 neighbors and it's levels I seek, and I am proud to say I am a FARMVILLE FREAK!
Ya ya You love it!" (FarmVille Freak SheriGrace)

Of course, this isn't the first FarmVille rap that's hit the Web. Perhaps you remember this little gem from last year: