Forget Moving Boxes: Crates are the Green way to go

moving crates not boxesGreen-certified apartment building: Check. New place located walking distance to work and grocery store: Check. Stocked with Energy Star appliances: Check. Now all you have to do is get there.

Thankfully there's an eco-friendly way to move from point A to B without damaging Mother Earth. With companies like Rentacrate and Rent A Green Box, apartment hoppers can forget about packing wasteful cardboard boxes (which only last approximately four moves according the New York Times) and instead rent plastic packing crates that can be used time and again.
Once the move is over both companies will come pick up the empty bins for the next consumer, leaving the earth a little cleaner and your apartment a less cluttered.

"Most people have seen the little logo with three arrows that says 'reduce, reuse and recycle," Thomas Vinson-Peng, program director at the Center for Environmental Excellence at the University of Texas, Arlington, told NYT. "Recycling is good, but reuse is better."

Rentacrate and Rent A Green Box are just two examples of a new wave of environmentally-conscious moving companies. Firms like Movegreen in Santa Barbara are taking the movement one step further by using energy-efficient moving vans that run on biodiesel. The company also uses a portion of its proceeds toward offsetting the pollution they create by purchasing carbon credits and planting 10 trees for every move.

Even those who don't hire a company to do their heavy lifting can still make their move eco-friendly by donating things they would normally throw away, choosing recycled and biodegradable packing material, using nontoxic cleaners to scrub down their new place and buying gently used goods to make your new pad swankier than the last. (A good place to start the hunt for used home accessories is at your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore).

More information on eco-minded movers in your area can be found at Green Movers USA.
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