FarmVille puppy: First look at the Border Collie pup all growed up

farmville border collies all growed up
farmville border collies all growed up

Want to know what your little Border Collie puppy in FarmVille looks like when it's all growed up? A new FarmVille loading screen gives us a peek at what these little guys look like as they transform from pup to full-grown canine. Have to admit, it's hard not to have a soft spot for baby animals, but the adult version is rather adorable as well -- how can we resist those little white paws?

As an added bonus, there have been hints that full-grown dogs will also serve a purpose on the farm -- other than hanging around and looking cute. Border Collies are "great at commanding other animals," English sheep dogs "are great at herding sheep," the Golden Retrievers are "good at fetching." Seven days and counting until we get our first real look at grown up dogs' role on the farm.

Which FarmVille puppies do you have on your farm?