FarmVille new free gifts: Seagull and Tamarind Tree


Two new free gifts arrived in FarmVille, the Seagull and Tamarind Tree. Tamarind Trees originated in Africa, but are wide spread in India due to human transportation. The Seagull is a 'visitor' from Zynga's newest game released, Treasure Isle. For those of you who have not yet played this game it has a mix of features from many Zynga games, such as energy from Mafia Wars and Crops from FarmVille.

Also please note the following items have been removed from the free gift page:

* Pink Greenery
* Grapefruit Tree
* Fig Tree
* Dome Topiary
* Wood Picket Fence
* Sunflower Bucket
* Guava Tree

It is also being reported that there are no longer any level requirements for gifts.

This article originally appeared on FarmVille Freak.

How many FarmVille gifts do you receive in a daily basis?